Developers root Galaxy Gear smartwatch

by jamesfestini on October 16, 2013

Samsung has in recent times received both praise and criticism on the Galaxy Gear smart watch. About the hardware is actually little criticism, but we hope in the near future to see some more. Functionality Earlier we showed you how it was possible to the Galaxy GearĀ  standard Android apps to run, and today it seems that it is also possible to rooting. the smart watch
Not surprisingly, the root method by a user of the XDA forum developed. The user photonic geek explains exactly how to rooting the Galaxy Gear and how you can reverse it. Again Keep in mind that this method has not been extensively tested and that everything must be done. At your own risk The steps you need to follow are also fairly simple to understand.

All you need to do to install the official Samsung drivers and download Cydia Impactor of Saurik’s website. Further steps consist mainly of enabling ADB and installing these drivers. Once everything is set, the Galaxy Gear be provided with root access. After rooting the Galaxy Gear there in terms of interface incidentally still look like that.
When the rooting step is completed, there will be a need to be carried out. These users will use a root app like SuperSU or Superuser. The usual risks are watching this and if you do not want to throw away the Galaxy Gear is wise to anything approaching. As gently as possible At time of writing, there are still reasons why you would like rooting. Smartwatch the few reasons

In the XDA topic can be found on the root method of the Galaxy Gear more information. In addition, there are also clear in this topic what can be achieved with root access on the smart watch from Samsung.


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